Tips Main Wukong

By | December 30, 2021

Tips Main Wukong. Learn how to play wukong at a high level and see awesome challenger matchups and plays here on. Just ensure that you don't get detected onwards beforehand, though.

Wukong Free Fire (FF) Review, Skills, Tips & Kombo Terbaik
Wukong Free Fire (FF) Review, Skills, Tips & Kombo Terbaik from

Narrow minded kills your range, not cool as wukong. Basically put a lot of pressure on the wukong while he’s farming. And i believe that wukong is truly the jack of all.

Also, Put Fleeting Expertise On Rank 3 In, Saves You Some Duration And Gives Yo 70% Energy Efficiency Which Is As Good As Perfect.

Season 9 league of legends full game plays and guides of wukong! Keep going until you hit level 3. Do not fight inside the jungle or around objectives.

Learn How To Play Wukong At A High Level And See Awesome Challenger Matchups And Plays Here On.

Once that is down, or if he misuses it, his enemies can easily kill him in lane. Wukong will be unable to team fight if you can poke him down before he gets the chance to engage. Cooldown pada level 1 karakter berlangsung selama 300 detik.

Wukong Dash Dashes On A Cloud To The Target Enemy And Sends Out Playful Untargetable Clones To Attack Up To Two Additional Enemies Near The Primary Target, Dealing Physical Damage (When The Rework Comes Out It Might Be Magic Damge) To Each Enemy Struck.

Hari ini, yayan hidayat, atau yang lebih dikenal dengan nama dg.backdoor akan berbagi kepada kalian beberapa tips penting saat menggunakan the. It matters because of belief. In this matchup #guide by #wickd you will learn when you need to pick #wukong and learn about his counters and what situations she is good in.

Keep This In Mind, But Be Prepared To Adapt.

You can build him bruiser, lethality, and/or crit~ usually bruiser is best~ as wukong says adapt to. Kamuflase berlangsung selama 14 detik dan memiliki cooldown 200 detik pada level maksimum. Wukong's early game is decent, but when you hit your 2 & 3 item spike early that is your biggest strength.

It Does Not Matter If It Is Good.

Use your w very carefully as that ability can quickly get you a lead if appropriately used. Wukong dapat bermain solo maupun squad sama baiknya. Decoy and nimbus strike work well together to quickly strike your enemy and get out before they can retaliate.

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